About Us

The Beginning

Established in 2012, an idea turned reality with three friends, was the birth of Ordnry Clothing. Pursuing a one of a kind atmosphere in the city of Winnipeg, an urban lifestyle contemporary boutique emerged. Providing authenticity with their trend, also introducing their culture to the city, this particular boutique conveys a huge influence on what and why people are wearing what they wear.

The Culture

Located in the heart of the Exchange District of downtown Winnipeg, their attractive store front is hard to miss. Located in a historical building, the 1600 square foot loft is evolving to a destination point for shoppers. Providing the latest in contemporary urban fashion on the main floor, upstairs in the loft you can find 3 barber chairs constantly busy overlooking the clothes.


The Wknd Hair Salon is a great addition to the boutique, and is also a one of a kind collaboration in the city. The open concept allows a cohesive and harmonic environment between the two establishments.

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From denim, to sneakers, to hearing the clippers, this ambiance is more than an experience, it's far from ordinary.